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Client Type: Custom Software Solutions
In 2005, Magenic hired The Resource Group to help with recruitment. After starting mainly in the entry-level/college recruitment area, The Resource Group transitioned into an overall recruitment solution for the technology company.


Our Contributions:
  1. We introduced a our “Hybrid” Recruiter model, including a new sourcing methodology
  2. Refined the recruitment process by working with internal recruitment staff
  3. Found and implemented the leading Applicant Tracking System for the social web (Jobvite) and became the Subject Matter Experts on site
  4. Rebranded the Career page to include Software Superheroes
  5. Defined a streamlined careerpath, and more.

Magenic’s success depends on it’s ability to attract Microsoft-specialized consultants in the top 10% of their very competitive industry. In the past, they have used many traditional recruitment options, including trying to do more with internal staff, adding more staff, purchasing new “tools,” hiring retained or contracted agencies to find difficult to find candidates, etc. When we started implementing our Hybrid Model, we were able to handle ALL of their hiring needs and exceeded their expectations.

Quick Stats on Magenic:
  • A Microsoft custom software consulting company
  • High Bar—recruiting the top 10% of Microsoft consultants
  • National Scope—five regional branch offices
  • Five Recruiters and three Sourcers
  • Recruit to seven consistent hiring profiles and other positions as needed
  • Technical and non-technical
  • Hire to engagements—moving target
  • Leveraged 12 hiring managers including CEO, CTO, President, VP’s and GM’s
Our Advocates

Greg Frankenfield, CEO
Magenic, Minneapolis branch

Paul Fridman, President
Magenic, San Francisco branch

Mike Ojile, VP of National Sales
Magenic, Minneapolis branch

Renee Bourget, Director of HR
Magenic, Minneapolis branch

Carole Cuthbertson, National Director of Recruiting
Magenic, Minneapolis branch

Testimonials from Magenic
“We have been working with The Resource Group for about a year now and I am extremely satisfied. They have increased our recruiting capacity well beyond our previous methods and have provided innovative and differentiated solutions to enable us to recruit top quality people in all disciplines and levels. I highly recommend their services without reservation. At this point, from sourcing to hybrid recruiting to our software superhero marketing initiated by Bob Schoewe, all initiatives have been successful.”

Greg Frankenfield
CEO, Magenic


“Our experience with The Resource Group has been very positive overall. They are very responsive and are the only firm that has truly found “passive” candidates which is difficult for recruiters to do. They are innovative in their approach and focus on quality, not quantity. They can ramp up a search quickly and effectively understand our needs. I can speak for all of us on this and highly recommend their services.”

Mike Ojile
VP of Sales, Magenic

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment

Hospitality & Entertainment Industry

Caesars Entertainment is the world’s largest casino entertainment company. The company’s resorts span three continents and operate primarily under the Caesars, Harrah’s, and Horseshoe brands; Caesars also owns the London Clubs International family of casinos and the World Series of Poker.

While we’ve worked with several business units—including Marketing and Inside Sales—the bulk of our experience is with the Meetings business. This 140-person sales organization is the second largest business unit at Caesars and drives more than $400M in revenue annually.


Our Contributions:
  1. Introduced and continue to apply an innovative sourcing and recruiting methodology, attracting top quality talent to the organization
  2. Reduced their “open requisitions” list from 30+ (when we started) to an average of 5 (after 6 months)
  3. Earned the right to serve as the 140-person team’s exclusive recruiting provider
  4. Hired more than 80 sales professionals – mostly individual contributors (In-Market, Property, Strategic, etc.), one Sales Director, one VP of Sales (and counting)
  5. Helped assemble the new Atlantic City sales team (2014)
  6. Helped assemble the new Strategic Accounts team (2017)
  7. Maintain a flexible service offering to accommodate busy times (expansions, acquisitions, top-grading, etc.) and slow times (bankruptcy, etc.)
  8. Helped reduce “time to fill”
  9. Helped apply an assessment as a data point in the hiring process + a tool for managers to use after the hire is made
  10. Currently in the process of helping to create a structured interview process to streamline the interview process further
Quick Stats on Caesars Entertainment:
  • 53 resorts and casinos in seven countries
  • 140+ member Meetings sales team
  • Caesars Entertainment announced plans to develop CAESARS FORUM, a $375M conference center in Las Vegas, which will include the world’s two largest pillarless ballrooms and 300,000 sf of flexible meeting space (opens 2020)
  • Owners of the High Roller observation wheel which is the focal point of The Linq, an open-air retail center that redefined the iconic Las Vegas skyline
  • Consistently rated the best value for U.S. meeting and conventions


Testimonials from Caesars Entertainment
“The only mistake we made was not doing this two years ago. We absolutely should’ve hired the Resource Group earlier.”

Jordan Clark
VP of Sales, Caesars Entertainment

Magnet 360 recruiting

Magnet 360

Salesforce Consulting & Implementation Partner

Magnet 360 leverages the Salesforce platform and an iterative delivery model to help their clients work smarter and deliver value to their organizations in a faster way. With deep expertise in Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, and the Media industry, Magnet 360 focuses on integrating four marketing disciplines to drive engagement: CRM, Communities, Marketing Automation, and Social Campaigns. They are passionate about helping their clients drive meaningful business outcomes through highly collaborative technical solutions.

We worked closely with Magnet 360’s Technical and Sales Leaders to fill both Technical and Account Director positions across various regions.

Our Contributions:
  1. Introduced and applied our unique sourcing and recruiting methodology to engage top talent (not-looking top prospects)
  2. Filled a West Coast Sr. Sales role that had been open for 9+ months within the first 60 days – then hired an additional Sr. Seller in that same region
  3. Assisted in filling a Sr. Sales role in a territory that had no sales coverage before we arrived
  4. Contributed to the growth of their internal QA Team by filling a tough to land QA Lead
  5. Worked closely with internal talent team to ensure a collaborative and seamless partnership
  6. Provided insight on Applicant Tracking Systems
Quick Stats on Magnet 360:
  • 200-employee organization
  • Recently sold to Mindtree, an India-based consulting firm, for $50M
  • Regional Offices in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles
  • Achieved Platinum Status with Salesforce when they became a global company in 2016
  • 25% growth increase over the last two years

Greatbatch Medical Logo

Greatbatch Medical

Client Type: Medical Device Manufacturer
Greatbatch Medical is committed to the design and manufacture of critical technologies that enhance the reliability and performance of medical devices and procedures. We do this to ensure that our customers can continuously provide clinicians with better treatment options to improve patient outcomes.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Wilson Greatbatch, co-inventor of the first successful implanted pacemaker, founded Greatbatch, Inc. in 1970 to develop long-lived primary batteries to fuel pacemakers. His passion for reliability and innovation is the foundation for our full portfolio of capabilities and offerings.

The last two years have seen significant growth at Greatbatch Medical. In the areas of vascular access and orthopaedics, we’ve experienced multiple acquisitions, streamlined operations and now we have a more diverse offering of products and unique technologies to better serve an expanded customer base. Our growth in Orthopaedics, with the aquisition of Precimed, displays our dedication to innovation design excellence. We’ve also been recognized with Industry Week’s 2008 Best Plants for our Alden, NY facility with 99.3% on-time delivery and 60% reduced changeover time. Every day at Greatbatch, we enforce the highest quality standards and Lean manufacturing while supporting the advancement of medical technologies and procedures.

Our Contributions:
  1. We introduced a our “Hybrid” Recruiter model, including a new sourcing methodology
  2. Offloaded all recruiting from HR allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities
  3. Saved the company $80,000 in the first 6 months in agency fees alone

In the past, Greatbatch relied mainly on posting their jobs on their career site, contract recruiters and outside agencies. Applicants drawn to their career site were mainly unqualified but took valuable HR time to screen, contract recruiters were unable to provide value beyond culling applicants, and agency fees were cost prohibitive beyond a handful of searches per year. The Resource Group brought an onsite team and integrated themselves into the company providing hiring managers with select groups of strong talent per opening and worked with HR to provide a positive experience throughout the process. Since partnering with Greatbatch they’ve been able to eliminate job boards and all agency fees and have attracted and hired individuals from some of the top companies in the nation.

Quick Stats on Greatbatch:
  • Design and manufacturer of critical technologies that enhance the reliability and performance of medical devices
  • Wilson Greatbatch, co-inventor of the first successful implanted pacemaker
  • Leveraged executives: President, Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Hired for Finance, HR, Sales, RD&E, Quality and Operations
  • One Recruiter, two Sourcers
  • National scope including Minnesota, New York, Indiana, California and Oregon
Testimonials from Greatbatch
“Since the Resource Group began managing our recruiting efforts we have reduced our external recruiting fees by over 80%! Due to the incredible efforts of [their] team and the power of their unique methodology, we have hired amazing talent and elevated our brand recognition in the market in a really positive way. I’m extremely happy with our partnership with the Resource Group and wouldn’t want to go back the traditional, less effective methods of recruiting ever again.”

Erin Riebe
Executive Director, Human Resources, Greatbatch Medical

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