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Top 10 tips for catching more and bigger talent:

10. Find the big talent first…

This is a simple yet often overlooked tip. Obviously, if you want to catch big talent, you need to recruit where big talent frequents! What may be a hot spot today, may not be tomorrow. You have to constantly be on the lookout for new sources for big talent. The Resource Group can help you locate the big talent you seek and lure them into your boat…

9. Know the habits of the big talent you are looking for…

Research your talent and answer a few questions like these. What time can you reach big talent? What do they seek? Are they quick to act or slow to take the bait? Understanding what attracts top talent is critical for landing the big ones!

8. Have the proper bait.

It’s hard to catch big talent if you don’t know what it seeks. Career advancement or additional compensation might work the best but other lures are also very successful when used properly. Our engaging recruitment messaging makes the difference with passive candidates. For the first time ever, you now have the opportunity to engage with passive candidates and attract top talent!

7. Using the right gear.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of “The big one that got away!” The main reason being improper or poor quality recruiting processes. Use the best line available, use a premium hook, and always make sure it’s razor sharp. The Resource Group understands what’s required to land top talent. Our recruiting process ensures–from beginning to end–that you are positioned correctly to boat the big ones!

6. Subtleness.

Be as quiet as possible, being very careful not to bump or bang around in the boat. Use your trolling motor as little as possible. Passive candidates require a different approach. The Resource Group understands passive candidates and how easily they are spooked!

5. Patience.

Good things come to those who wait. Recruiting passive talent requires a very different approach than what’s traditionally used with active candidates. Our Recruiters are experts in reeling in passive candidates.

4. Timing is everything.

Be aware, be alert and you won’t miss that crucial moment for reeling in the big one or letting it escape when you can’t find the net. Building a talent community today will pay off tomorrow. Passive candidates will bite when they are ready. Our methodology allows us to present your opportunity when they are ready for a career change. If not today, then tomorrow, or whenever the timing is right. Persistence and follow up are keys elements of our methodology.

3. Doing things differently than the crowd.

If they zig, then we zag. Candidates, like fish, definitely become conditioned to different baits and presentations. In most cases, by the time you hear about a “hot new” technique, most of the candidates have already caught on, and the technique is starting to lose it’s punch. Our innovative—and constantly evolving–sourcing methodology helps you avoid the crowd and allows your company to stand alone in capturing the attention of the illusive passive candidate.

2. Time on the water.

The most skilled recruiters on the planet are very unlikely to catch big talent by posting jobs and praying for success. Recruiting is hard work. Attracting top talent requires an effective strategy, an appropriate use of resources and a commitment of time.

1. Trust an expert to show you the way – guiding you through uncharted waters…

The Resource Group can help you understand the seemingly endless recruitment resources available today, and put you on a course that maximizes your return on investment given your limited budget.

Our Talent Acquisition Consultants will guide you to a better understanding on how these top 10 tips can help you land trophy talent. This list is just the beginning; there are countless other things that will add to eventual success. The Resource Group believes the most effective way to accomplish this feat is to do whatever it takes to put all of the odds in your favor. Let us help you catch more and bigger talent!

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