By: Laura Greene

Jobvite’s new video interviewing feature offers a brand new way to screen active candidates.  Trust me, it’s NOTHING like Skype – and based off the original marketing email, I assumed it would be.  To me, Jobvite Video’s allure is how it automates the process and that you don’t have to be physically present to ask each candidate each question.

All you need to do is come up with a list of questions, add them to a video questionnaire, and invite candidates to take part.  Interested candidates simply click a link and start the interview you’ve customized.  Administrators customize how long candidates get to prepare (1-5 minutes) and how long they get to answer (also 1-5 minutes).  Once submitted, the video appears in the candidate’s profile.

Unlike the traditional phone screen, this video screen allows you to move on to the next candidate if you realize the candidate is not a fit during the first few minutes.   It should be particularly useful when you receive a large number of applicants, have entry level openings, or are interviewing across multiple geographies.