New technologies abound as we are bombarded with hundreds of recruitment product and service offerings, but Dr. Joe Sullivanwarns against technology fads. He is cynical about adopting technologies until the underlying process is refined. Adding technologies to weak processes like performance appraisal, reference checking, skill assessment, onboarding andapplicant tracking do not automatically produce a measurable improvement inprocess output quality. They do make administration easier, but HR needs tolearn to stop selecting “solutions” simply because they make HR’s life easier. He agrees with Kevin Wheeler that simulations and games will soonbegin to play a large role in attracting and assessing candidates. At least for the near term, he also suggests we all concern ourselves with vendor reliability and consolidation when making technology-buying decisions.*

Source: Strategic Recruiting Issues and Trends — Fire Away with Kevin, Lou, and John by Dr. John Sullivan Feb 14, 2011, 5:46 am ET